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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Hey guys and gals. I goggled my self to see if this blog thing popped up. It sure didn't. BUT I DID FIND a link to my wedding photos! So...check it out if want. You KNOW you want....

The Tippin's Wedding Photos

(That thing up there in that.)

Monday, January 31, 2011


So...after posting an annoying message on facebook, I go from 30 hits to over 90 in a day! I freaking love you guys! With any luck this blog will turn into my online studio and you will see all the "wonderful" art I make with MY OWN TWO HANDS! Isn't that AMAZING!?!? yeah...its amazing.

and with anymore the future I can set up web cams all over my house and you can stalk me from the comfort of your own home! (anyone want to buy me the stuff to do that?)

Oh hai kelby's first blog!

Let's begin by throwing some stuff on here that I have done in the last few years...

I know you're interested....amiright? yeah...i'm right.

This is a car wash video I did a few days after I 
got my new camera from my lovely wife.
It's mostly me playing with the settings. The song, however, is not
mine, but I do give credit to whom it belongs, though they 
were not able to be reached to ask for permission.
I don't make any profit from this video so
reporting me would be dumb.

again...another fun video. not my music.

a video I did for my church, and again...not my music.

this is what I am currently working isn't finished, but I'm actually
getting paid for this one! And yes, you guessed it...on this video it isn't my
music, BUT when i finish the video it will be my music and not illegal.