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Monday, January 31, 2011

Oh hai kelby's first blog!

Let's begin by throwing some stuff on here that I have done in the last few years...

I know you're interested....amiright? yeah...i'm right.

This is a car wash video I did a few days after I 
got my new camera from my lovely wife.
It's mostly me playing with the settings. The song, however, is not
mine, but I do give credit to whom it belongs, though they 
were not able to be reached to ask for permission.
I don't make any profit from this video so
reporting me would be dumb.

again...another fun video. not my music.

a video I did for my church, and again...not my music.

this is what I am currently working isn't finished, but I'm actually
getting paid for this one! And yes, you guessed it...on this video it isn't my
music, BUT when i finish the video it will be my music and not illegal.

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